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Better Dental Financial Presentations


Better Dental Financial Presentations E-Book

This download provides the dental team with some invaluable tips to help improve boost confidence with treatment presentation.  Through a little understanding of our body language, tone, and words, we can better communicate with our dental patients daily.   I can show you how! 

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Better Dental Financial Presentations Excerpt:


Dental Office Financial Presentations can be intimidating and a bit scary.  The patient is often concerned about the cost of treatment and what needs to be done to help them.  And how are they going to make it work in their lives.

The dentist can be concerned about the patient understanding the importance of the treatment.  And what could happen if the patient doesn’t follow through.  And does her team know how to present the finances in a way that doesn’t scare the patient away?

And can the person presenting the treatment feel confident and caring at the same time?  What about the questions the patient is sure to ask?  What’s the best way to answer?  Are there words or ways to better communicate?

I believe you will find some help within these pages.  Of course, nothing is more helpful than practice.  But I’ve got some basic guidelines to help you and your team improve your dental office financial presentations.

Here’s to you! and better dental financial presentations!  

Table of  Contents:


  • 15 Seconds     
  •  First Impressions – First Phone Calls   
  • Greeting Patients    
  •  Body Language
  • The Eyes Have It!        
  • Smile : )       
  • Tone  * 
  • How We Say The Words We Say
  • Volume       
  • Clarity          
  • Speed        
  • Pause    
  • Emotion
  • What Do We Say?        
  • Some Scripting          
  • Patient Hand-Offs      
  • The Presentation
  • The Power of Pre-Payment Plans   
  • Positive Words

Better Dental Financial Presentations For You

If your case acceptance or collections needs improvement, start here.  This download will definitely give you some things to think about.  The way we express ourselves and communicate with our patients can improve.  And we can measure those results.  Perhaps we have team members who need a little help.  This is a great tool to distribute to the team.  Even schedule a team meeting to discuss how the team as a whole can improve treatment and financial presentations.

Take another look at the Table of Contents.  There is a tremendous amount of information available to you here.  Let’s get you and your team started today!







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