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Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle


Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle Download

These 9  powerful downloads take my 25+ years of formal dental practice management education, experience, and development and deliver them directly to you!  My personally developed weekly management system is included as well.  You can even take these individual e-books and manuals to develop your very own customized “how to” manuals for your team!  

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Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle

Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle is a tremendous value for you here!  Because within this bundle are 10 separate downloads that cover nearly every aspect of dental practice front desk management.  Purchase this bundle today for yourself and your team!


Phone training is often where we want to begin.  You’ll find 2 separate individual e-books in this bundle for phone training.  A phone script e-book as well as a basic phone use download.  And within the Dental Administration Manual, a chapter also reviews and recaps phone usage and scripts for you.


Dental office reception is critical for all team members too!  It’s not just a front desk thing.  Distribute the Art of Reception manual to your team today.  It’s fun and easy to read and will motivate everyone to truly enjoy your dental patients even more!

Hygiene & Restorative Schedules

Create dental block scheduling templates that better suit your practice needs.  A guidebook included here will show you how.  And the hygiene coordinator’s manual and schedule management downloads are so instructive!  Discussions of periodontal codes and short-notice reschedules are so helpful.

Solid dental restorative schedules are a must in dentistry.  We know that and we want our teams to know that.  And to enjoy doing it too!  The restorative schedule e-book can support you in this endeavor.  And better treatment presentations is just one more piece of the puzzle I help you with here.

Accounts Receivable

Patient billing and collections can be a challenge.  But combine my basic steps with my Weekly Management Systems and you’ll see quick improvements in your dental office collection rates.

Weekly Management Systems

Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle saves you money too!  Each individual e-book purchased would be over $140 here.  However, you can bundle and save!  All downloads are available immediately at purchase.  Every E-Book available here – including the Dental Administration Manual, is included in this bundle.

Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle in Detail!

  All of the e-books available on my site are included in this bundle.  I’ve attached links to each of the e-books included if you would like to read more about each of the individual downloads.

 Dental Office Phone Scripts 11 of the most common phone conversations we have with patients .

Telephone Tips For the Dental Team:  Practical tips for telephone management.

Dental Office Reception Manual:  Describes the art of dental office reception.

Advanced Dental Block Scheduling Guide : A workbook that guides the team through creating block templates for hygiene and restorative schedules.

Dental Hygiene Coordinator’s Manual:  A beginner’s guide to understanding hygiene terminology and scheduling.

But Wait.. There’s More!!

Dental Restorative Schedule Management:  Guidance in managing the dental restorative schedules in dentistry :

Better Dental Financial Presentations:    A look at how our body language, tone and our words can boost our confidence and improve our financial presentations with some very practical and easy to implement steps.

Dental Office Hygiene Schedules:   Hygiene schedules can be quite fluid – and this e-book includes some great scripts and tips for managing patients rescheduling and keeping our schedules booked.

Improve Dental Office Collections: An e-book that focuses on patient billing and account management.  Specific focus on how often patient billing should happen and managing patient credits and refunds

Dental Front Desk Manual:  Includes a Weekly Management Systems workbook to help create your very own Weekly Management Systems as well as a day by day lay out of my personal Dental Front Desk Weekly Management Systems – how to get it all done each and every day of the week.  As well as additional chapters on hygiene, telephones, restorative schedules and collections.  The Weekly Management Systems is the key chapter in this book and integrates all of the dental front desk business systems.


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