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Dental Front Office Membership

$397.99 $297.99

This dental front office membership is an amazing opportunity!

Take the time you need to work through materials as you wish. 

Access Course Materials as Often as you Need.

Other Office Team Members Gain Access Too!! (Just Let Me Know & We’ll Get Them In Too!)  I recommend creating email addresses and log in accounts for each individual team member.  This allows each team member to work through courses at their own pace or to keep track of where they are.  The email addresses are not used for any other purpose by me.  When you create an account here, it’s just for your use on the site.  Your account information is private and protected and receives no solicitations.

You Can Even Print Course Units To Create Your Own Dental Front Office Manual!  Would you rather distribute materials to your team?  Print the course units and use only the information you want to.  Feel free to adapt and adjust and customize as you like before you distribute materials!

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Dental Front Office Membership

Dental Front Office Membership provides you with the training tools your team needs!   And is a huge financial savings for you as well.  All training materials purchased individually here would cost more than $485.00.

Although, there is no way to actually calculate the value your practice receives with this purchase.  Because your team can come back time and time again to visit course materials.  Or you can take all of these resources and create your very own front desk training manuals.  And most dental practice coaching services cost tens of thousands of dollars.  But they don’t know you or your practice like you do!

No renewals ever!  And this membership never expires!   Never needs renewal!!  And there are no additional charges or fees ever!! Download e-books immediately.  A Welcome Letter and Training Checklist are yours for download.    It really is a lot of material to work through.  And each little step brings improvement.  Follow the checklist or mark your own path.

Dental Front Office Membership Includes:

  • All E-Books (Dental Administration Manual, Telephone Scripts, Production Goal Guide, Dental Reception Manual, Hygiene Coordinator Manual & Better Dental Financial Presentations) – Download Immediately!
  • Access To Online Courses (Through “My Account” Page)
  • Email Subscription Service
  • Ongoing Email Support
  • Telephone Training Course
  • Weekly Management Systems Course
  • Hygiene Schedule Master Class
  • Meeting Production Goals Course
  • Accounts Receivable Course
  • Dental Customer Service Systems
  • Video Phone Training Presentation
  • Dental Insurance Training Video
  • Hygiene Schedule Training Video
  • Financial Presentation Scripts Video
  • Out-Of-Network Dental Patients E-Book (available to members only
  • Calculating Dental Benefits Course & Worksheet
  • Invitations for Unlimited Monthly Support (an additional cost)

*** Get started today.  Purchase your membership here.  You are able to download e-books directly following the purchase.  Courses and video tutorials can be accessed through the “Courses” page after purchase (just be sure you are logged in to access – and you can always log in through “my account” page 

Dental Front Office Membership is just a click away!  Let’s get started today!!    Let’s do this!!!

Members can access e-books and manuals on an ongoing basis within the Dental Front Office Library.  


*Dental Front Office Membership Bonus*

But wait.. there’s more!!   Your Dental Front Office Membership here provides you or a member of your team with one 30 minute phone or Zoom chat session.   Whatever you or your team member(s) would like to chat about or work on this month, or next!  It’s up to you.   Let’s do this!!



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