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Dental Hygiene Coordinator’s Manual


The role of the Dental Hygiene Coordinator is to enhance the patient experience through relationship building, education, and interaction.  This downloadable PDF is a basic guide and manual to support the Dental Hygiene Coordinator in that role.

This manual is designed to support a new dental hygiene coordinator. 

But does not replace the training materials for your specific dental practice.  It is meant to be used as additional support material for you and your team.


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 Dental Hygiene Coordinator’s Manual

Learning to manage the Dental Hygiene Schedule requires some basic understanding of terminology and procedures.  The dental hygiene coordinator must understand the differences in routine and periodontal procedures.  And this manual is a great start!  Even if you don’t have the need to train a new hygiene coordinator today, you may in the future.  Add this “go to” training manual to your dental office training tool box today!

28 pages of valuable information.  Contents include:


What Does A Hygiene Coordinator Do?

Different Types of “Cleanings”

Periodontal Charts & Measurements 

Dental X-rays

Dental Insurance & Hygiene Procedures

 New Patient Info

 Dental Insurance & Hygiene Codes

 Insurance Claims for Hygiene Codes

 Continuing Care Settings

 Patient Conversations

 Monthly Numbers

 Additional Support

This excerpt taken from “Different Types of Cleanings”

There are designated procedure codes for every dental procedure performed.  And in the world of dental hygiene, there are 5 hygiene codes we use to indicate exactly what procedure is performed.  Often, the challenge for the hygiene coordinator can be to help the patient understand their treatment needs.

Many dental patients have no idea that there are different classifications and procedure codes for their dental “cleanings”.  Much of our role, as the office hygiene coordinator, may be to help our patients understand the care they receive.  And to help our patients see their treatment needs are unique to them.  And that they are worth it!

The better our communication is with our patients at the time of diagnosis, the more successfully we see them schedule treatment. But even patients who have received regular dental care for years, may not truly understand the levels of care offered for their “cleanings”.   Or that a few “missed” years could be the reason they need a little more care today than they did 5 years ago.  And then there is aging and periodontal disease to consider too.

By now, you have probably guessed, that there is no such thing as “just a cleaning”.

So, before we get into just how we can help our patients understand this, let’s make sure we get it ourselves first!”


This Dental Hygiene Coordinator’s Manual Can Be Yours Today!  




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