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Dental Office Telephone Help For You


Dental Office Telephone Help For You!

This powerful download provides practical dental office telephone tips for the entire dental team!  But is an especially great tool and handout for newer team members.  Or, even if you just want a team member to have a little more polish and understanding of professional phone etiquette.

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Dental Office Telephone Help

Dental Office Telephone Help is available for you here with this downloadable PDF “Telephone Tips For The Dental Team”.   This download is especially helpful for dental practices employing new team members who may not have had any formal phone training.  Or perhaps a young person is working with the team after school or as a college job.

Although we may think anyone can answer the phone, everyone needs some basic training.  And this is especially true for our newest generation of the work force joining the ranks.  Let’s give your team and your practice the very best!  And at a price that is practical too.  Here’s the Intro this download just to give you a sneak peak:

Our dental office phones are different than our personal cell phones. They look different and they work different. Technology continues to evolve with time.

In our evolution, we have a new generation of people joining the work-force. Great people who may have had very little experience with an office land-line telephone. But are far advanced in other areas of technology.

Dental Office Telephone Tips brings some very basic and practical phone applications to the dental team. Because we don’t want to take anything for granted when it comes to every day phone use.”

Purchase this e-book as a single product, or combine this download with other training materials for an even greater Telephone Training experience for your dental practice today!

You’ll find this e-book available within the Dental Administrative E-Book Bundle. 

And also within your   Dental Front Office Membership.

Or also in the Dental Phones Training Bundle.


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