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Hygiene Schedule Management Bundle


Hygiene Schedule Management Bundle

Includes 2 Downloadable PDF E-Books

Also:  The Hygiene Schedule Master Class 

And!  Hygiene Schedule Scripts Video

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Hygiene Schedule Management Bundle

The Hygiene Coordinator’s Manual is a download with this bundle.   This is a great training manual for the new dental administrative team member.  The manual explains the individual hygiene “cleaning” codes and just what they mean.  The manual also helps the dental administrative team member managing hygiene appointments and billing how to bill each hygiene code and what is necessary.

Hygiene Schedule Management is another download with this bundle.  This e-book supports the practice in managing those frequent flyers who come in and out of your schedules at a moment’s notice.  And will help your team gain control of the schedule with much greater confidence and success.

A new updated version of the Hygiene Schedule Management E-Book has just been added!  So.. now you’ll get both of these e-books as well.  That’s 3 E-Books Total!!

Wait.. there’s more!

Also included are 2 courses.  One mini course is a video you can also download and add to your training tool box.  The video is a scripting video for hygiene conversations the dental administrator or dental office team member will love!  Because we so often repeat the same conversations with different patients each and every day.

Finally, the Hygiene Schedule Master Class is a self-propelled course you can also print!  Or not!!  Log in whenever you want.  Create an account for the team to use if you would like others to access this course as well.  Or print the course units and create your very own hygiene training binder today!


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