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Improve Dental Office Collections


Dental Accounts Receivable Made Simple is an e-book for every dental practice!  Large or small.  Collection problems or no collection challenges.  Your dental practice and dental office team will love this download!  Practical steps on how to better manage patient billing and accounts.  And an additional FREE workbook to help organize all your dental office business systems!  Get yours today!!

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Improve Dental Office Collections

Improve dental office collections with this downloadable PDF “Accounts Receivable Made Simple” and Weekly Management Systems E-book!  That’s right – there are 2 e-Books with this purchase.

The Dental Accounts Receivable Made Simple E-Book focuses solely on patient balances and collection of patient balances.   As well as a phone script to ask for payment, collection letters, patient credit balances, and reports to run and track.

The Weekly Management System E-Book is a workbook and guide.  This tool walks you through special assignments on each day of the week to support stronger collection rates.  And to help you better organize your day and your week!

Contents Include:                                                         

  • Money Talk
  • Outstanding Money
  • Patient Billing
  • Over 30 Days
  • Over 60 Days
  • Over 90 Days
  • Envelope Tactics
  • Flags
  • Reports
  • Credits

“Money Talk:

Dental office collection and accounts receivable management make or break our dental practice financial health.  We provide a service in dentistry in exchange for money.  And although it sounds like a simple concept, it can get complicated.  My goal in this e-Book is to guide you through the management systems of patient billing and collections.  There are several layers to this process.  Additional resources are available to you here at asthedrillturns.com that focus more on insurance billing, treatment presentation, and more.  Let’s talk money!”




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